Container Lifting

Container Lifting The Ultra Logik Way

… There’s an art to it

Art? Yes, art. And we’re talking ultra-safe transportation of MASSIVE paintings here.

Add to this container lifting for international motorsport events, essential military equipment for the MOD, super luxury car deliveries, and mammoth music events including globally renowned festivals – ULTRA LOGIK can handle it all.

Ultra Logik simply doesn’t do container ‘lift fails’

Thousands of containers are lifted at British ports every day, with Ultra Logik lifting more than its fair share, and all of them, like, SUPER SAFELY.

We have the knowhow and equipment to take the stress out of lifting.

Clients know they can rely on us to take care of all their precious cargo container lifting needs, cost-effectively and always in a hassle-free way.

Need help shipping vehicles (like this limited-edition Porshe 911R)?

We have the facilities to handle all types of vehicles with our prime location close to London Gateway and Tilbury Port.

Safe and successful container lifting the Ultra Logik way means container lifting:

  • by experienced professionals who know the power of keeping lifting simple

  • with secure and reliable equipment

  • with all lifting deadlines being met without rushing, panicking, taking shortcuts…

Whatever weight and size your shipping container (and that includes modified containers), Ultra Logik can handle it.

What’s more, our fleet operates nationwide.


Got an awkward logistics task, large or small, that’s keeping you awake at night, and needs expert handling, like, NOW?


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